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Image result for logo for airmed   September 1st marks our annual enrollment date to sign up with AirMed.  

Last year Scottsbluff Public Schools partnered with AirLink EagleMed to offer you, as an employee, the opportunity to join the AirMedCare Network’s Membership Program through convenient payroll deduct!

Annual Membership Fees for Scottsbluff Public Schools -  $50  (a one-time deduction will be taken out of your paycheck in the month of September)

As your local air ambulance, serving area residents from our surrounding bases, AirLink and EagleMed understands the critical aspect of time in treating medical emergencies. For those of us living in rural America, our recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment. AirLink and EagleMed can cut that transportation time in half.


In the event you are flown by AirLink or EagleMed for a life or limb-threatening emergency, we will work with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight. Whatever your benefits provider pays will be considered payment in full. Even with medical insurance, an air medical transport can leave you with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, burdening your finances & family. As an AirLink and EagleMed member you will have no out-of-pocket expenses related to your flight if you are flown by AirLink or EagleMed or any AirMedCare Network participating provider. 

AirLink and EagleMed is a member of the AirMedCare Network, the largest Air Ambulance Membership Network in the United States. An AirMedCare Network membership automatically enrolls you in all provider membership programs, (Air Evac Lifeteam, REACH Air Medical Services, Med-Trans Air Medical Transport and EagleMed) giving you membership coverage in over 220 locations across 28 states. All AirMedCare Network service providers work cooperatively to provide the highest levels of care for you, your family, and your community. 

Join today and you can receive membership in the AirMedCare Network at the same low price as the individual membership programs, giving you membership across 4 leading air ambulance operators for the price of 1! 

You can find the AirMed enrollment form on iVisions under the insurance section.   Return completed form to HR Department before 8/26/2016.   If you have any questions, please contact Sue Ott @ 635-6202.  

If you are already enrolled with AirMed, you will receive a separate email to renew your membership.

  Blue Cross/Blue Shield “OPEN ENROLLMENT” 8/1 – 8/26

This gives you an opportunity to sign up for the first time, make any additions, deletions

 or changes on your health/dental insurance – effective date 9/1/2016

Changes for 2016/17:  Deductibles have increased to $900 and $2000

Premiums have increase 4.9%

Health Coverage


Ee & Child(ren)

EE & Spouse

Ee, Spouse & Child(ren)

$900 Deductible





$2000 Deductible










Dental Coverage





PPO-80% A&B w/50% C Coverage






Enrollment forms can be found on this site under ‘Forms tab’

Return your completed form to HR department.



Looking for a Tax Break?

Select Flex Enrollment must be renewed each year – don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your taxes!

Due Date:  August 31st

Things to remember: 

·       You can deduct a maximum of $2500 for medical and/or $5000 for childcare per year

·       Benny Prepaid Cards are provided to new subscribers.  Those who already have a benefit card will continue to use the same card.  The card can be used, instead of cash, to pay for qualified health expenses

·       You can check your claims and account balances by going to www.regionalcare.com and clicking on ‘covered participants’.

Select Flex Enrollment Form can be found on this site under ‘Forms tab’

Return your completed form to Payroll/HR department.





The Incentive Program for the EHA Wellness Program


Elevate 1 includes a financial incentive for both the employee and the group. The requirements include the following for each individual to qualify for the incentive:

1. Complete PHA and share results with a licensed health care provider care provider.
2. Complete the incentive form as part of any visit with your primary care provider.
3. Complete three of the ten available programs at www.ehawellness.org.

By completing the above three requirements during the 2016-2017 school year, each individualwill receive a $150 incentive.

Your Group will receive 10% of the total individual incentives earned by the employees for participation under 50%. For those groups with over 50% participation in the incentive program, the group will earn $5,000 plus 10% of the total individual incentive earned. 

Both the group and the individual incentives will be paid in October 2017.


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