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Important Information About Your PREPAID BENEFITS CARD

Same great card, great NEW look!

We are excited to announce that our card is getting a new look! Starting xx/xx/xxxx, as your current card is set to expire you will automatically receive the new Prepaid Benefits Card \ new blue card.  You’ll receive two WEX Health Payment Cards in your name at your home address for you and your family members to use. The Cards will arrive in a special envelope that looks like this – so please don’t throw it out!

As a reminder, your Prepaid Benefits Card is loaded with the value of your annual FSA election amount (less any amounts you have already spent in this plan year.) Using your Card helps you keep cash in your wallet and makes accessing your FSA funds easy. The Card can be used, instead of cash, to pay for qualified health care expenses such as:

Prescription and health plan copayments, deductibles and coinsurance
“Amount Due” on medical and dental statements 
Orthodontics Mail-order or online prescription invoices 
Vision services and eyeglasses
LASIK surgery
Eligible over-the-counter (OTC) items

You’ll simply swipe your Card each time you incur a qualified health care expense and the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your FSA – automatically. You can also fill in your Card number on bills you receive from providers to pay the amount you owe. You’ll have no claim forms to complete and you won’t have to wait to get a check in the mail. You can check balances or account details anytime – online.  It’s that easy! 

Remember, the Card will not work at gas stations or restaurants – only at health care related providers.

It’s Important to Save Your Receipts!
Your Prepaid Benefits Card will definitely improve your cash flow. However, be aware that the IRS requires the Card be used only for eligible expenses. Most of the time, we can verify the eligibility of the expense automatically. Yet, there are instances when you’ll receive a letter/notification asking you to furnish an itemized receipt to verify the expense. When you receive such a request, make sure you submit the receipts as soon as possible to avoid having your Card suspended until receipts have been submitted and approved.

What is an itemized receipt? 
An itemized receipt must include: merchant or provider name, services received or item purchased, date of service, and amount of the expense. Cancelled checks, handwritten receipts, card transaction receipts or previous balance receipts cannot be used to verify an expense. 

Using Your Card is as Easy as 1-2-3!
Look for additional information about how to use your new Prepaid Benefits Cards included with your card packet in the mail. We hope you enjoy this new exciting feature of your FSA!

Regional Care, Inc.
Flex Department 
905 W 27th Street
Scottsbluff, NE  69361
Toll Free – 1-800-795-7772
Email – rci-flex@regionalcare.com


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You probably compare airfare costs before booking a flight.
Why not compare costs for your surgery before scheduling it?


Our cost estimator tool shows you estimated costs, as well as the treatment timeframe, from initial evaluation to follow up.

Log in to your online member
account at

· Go to Tools & Resources >
Find a Doctor or Hospital.

· Enter the procedure and select
Search. The estimated costs
will be shown at the below.



Check out the new service offered - Telehealth:  More information can be found under 'Forms tab' in the Insurance Section.

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The current edition of "Retirement News" for School, Judge and Patrol plan members is now available on                            the NPERS website.  To directly access the .pdf version, click this link:


                          Or, visit the newsletter list found on the Publications page on the NPERS website at npers.ne.gov:

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               Have a question?  Not sure who to ask?

                               The Business Team now has a new general delivery email:   bizdept@sbps.net

                                    You can use this for any sort of question, the mail box is monitored by the Business Team,                                                                        responses should occur within one business day.

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          Wellness Champions Needed!!!!!

Our goal at SBPS is to continue to improve the culture of wellness at our schools and it "takes a village" to make this happen.   We are needing a Wellness Champion which would be one person from each building to help promote our wellness program.

Your Role as a Wellness Champion:

  • Attend an initial orientation meeting with the Employee Wellness Coordinator.
  • Be the liaison between Terri Allen, Employee Wellness and your department or school.  Serve as a trusted source for collecting feedback and input from employees in your department or school.
  • Send out communications to promote upcoming wellness events to your respective department/division through:  Email, posters and flyers, and word of mouth.
  • Encourage your schools' participation in wellness activities/events.
  • Use your passion for health and wellness by serving as a role model.  Create excitement and motivate others at your school.
  • The Wellness Champion role is an additional, volunteer duty that will not interfere with primary job duties.

If this sound like you, please contact Terri Allen at tallen@sbps.net.

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EHA ELEVATE Wellness program will not only allow you to have a little extra money in your wallet but also assist you in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

It is easy as 1,2 3.

 1. Participate and complete in 3 of the 2017-2018 EHA Wellness Programs:

              ◦Project Zero

            ◦Indy 500

            ◦Color Yourself Calm

               ◦Eat for Health - quarterly

           ◦Hydrate for Power - quarterly


. Complete the PHA (after 11/1) - Go to https://wellsuite.com/ehawellness/elevate and enter your EHA Code.  Click on the link for the PHA, enter your EHA Wellness Code and the password: qwe123.  After you have completed the PHA you will then be able to go to step number 3.  You will receive your $25 for completing this PHA.

3. Complete the incentive form as part of any visit with a licensed health care provider.   When you log into your EHA website look for the ELEVATE information.  Find the Health Care Provider form and print.   Then take to your health care provider; after the provider has signed the form you then mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.  Once EHA has received it you will get a notice on your website.

Your $150 will delivered to you in the fall of 2018.

You must be a full time Scottsbluff Public School employee to participate.



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For assistance with the following areas call:

  • Chief Financial Officer - Lavon Hood 635-6203
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  • Central Receiving - Bill Runk 635-6210
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